Meet The Entrepreneur Behind The Cover Of The December 2021 Issue Of Mrs Universe Magazine: Maryrose Salubre

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It is very easy to believe that Maryrose Salubre possesses a Midas touch. Her successes so far have been numerous, both on the personal stage and in the pageantry spotlight. She’s a breast cancer survivor and a national director of several pageants. She evolved from a beauty pageant contestant into a national director. She is the founder of Salubre Models Inc and has seen the rapid growth of the four pageants under the Australasia Official banner – Miss Teen/Miss/Mr/Mrs. Australasia. She’s also the current national director of Mrs. Universe Australia and the founder of The Australian Golden Sash Awards and Sydney’s Best Dressed.

The title could not have been more apt for Maryrose. Her achievements have shown her to be a woman of grit, determination, and yes, courage. She has used her personal struggles as a springboard for initiatives to help others. After beating breast cancer, she became a fervent advocate for breast cancer awareness. Maryrose was not idle when Typhoon Yolanda swept through her hometown of Bunga, Leyte, in 2013 and heavily damaged the Bunga National High School and Bunga Elementary School. The 4 Australasia Official pageants have all raised funds for breast cancer, BrainStorm (a charity dedicated to research into brain tumours run between Sydney’s Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and the University of Sydney), and for the rebuilding of the two Bunga schools as well as providing them with much-needed supplies.

Maryrose has definite hopes for her involvement in the Mrs. Universe pageant, and it’s in keeping with her ever-present goal to be a voice for others who feel powerless. She hopes to bring awareness to the exploitation of animals and animal cruelty and shine an even bigger spotlight on domestic violence. She wants to break down the stereotype of pageants being all about beauty and show that they can be a powerful tool in bringing attention to a wide variety of causes. Maryrose also dreams of using her time in the Mrs. Universe pageant to open more doors to her work, building kindergartens and orphanages not just in her hometown but in other areas that desperately need them.

Maryrose wants to go global, and her plans are big – Guinness World Records-big. She longs to see children housed adequately in an environment where they are safe and clean and have the opportunity to attend school. The Salubre legacy will be one of substance, confidence, courage, compassion, and a job well done. Maryrose is well on her way to achieving this goal and making it one that will be well remembered and admired.