Event Review: Mrs. Universe Official 2022

Photo Credit: Dave Choo

Thirteen worthy queens were crowned on Sunday, December 26, 2021, as a lead-up to next year’s International Grand Finals, and the coronation night turned out to be a smashing success!

The Mrs. Universe Official Australia 2022 coronation night went down at Dockside, Darling Harbour. This year’s cream of the crop for Mrs. Universe Official Australia consisted of Lili Cao, Rukeshma Sharma Lata, Joanna Gunay, Patricia Singh, Vannet Meas, Debasrita Mukherjee, Susan Turner, Cheryl Tarrant, Tanya Sreepattha, Kimanh Dinh, Monique Cantalejo Rivera, Christine Escalante and Ceres Calizo Ledesma.

This year’s coronation night also included the crowning of Little Mr/Miss Australasia Official, Sydney’s Best Dressed 2021, and The Australian Golden Sash Awards 2021, plus a glimpse into the 2021 Cover Models of StarCentral Media Group.

Following a three-hour showdown of environmental speeches, gowns, glams, and game-changing questions, here’s how things turned out for this year’s hopefuls:

Mrs. Universe Official 2022 Awardees

Joanna Gunay – Mrs. Universe Official Australia (Top performer, Best in Catwalk, Best in Swimwear, Mrs Chocolate Day Spa 2022)
Debasrita Mukherjee – Mrs. Universe Official India (First runner up, Mrs. Seacret Direct)
Susan Turner – Mrs. Universe Official Central Australia (Second runner up, Mrs. Model of the year)
Lili Cao – Mrs. Universe Official Vietnam (Miss Congeniality, Mrs. Universe Official Charity Princess)
Rukeshma Sharma Lata – Mrs. Universe Official Fiji
Patricia Singh – Mrs. Universe Official Central Fiji
Vannet Meas – Mrs. Universe Official Cambodia
Cheryl Tarrant – Mrs. Universe Official Central Asia (Best in Introduction, Best in talent, Mrs. Universe Official Charity Queen)
Tanya Sreepattha – Mrs. Universe Official Thailand (Best in evening gown)
Kimanh Dinh – Mrs. Universe Official Central Vietnam (Mrs. Entrepreneur)
Ceres Calizo Ledesma – Mrs. Universe Official Southeast Asia (Best in Interview)
Monique Cantalejo Rivera – Mrs. Universe Official Philippines
Christine Escalante – Mrs. Universe Official Asia

Special Prizes by Sponsors

Joanna Gunay – $1000 cash prize and $3,000 worth of products courtesy of Seacret Direct Australia
Debasrita Mukherjee – $2,000 worth of products courtesy of Seacret Direct Australia
Susan Turner – $1,000 worth of products courtesy of Seacret Direct Australia

All the Mrs. Universe Official candidates received a Seacret Direct signature product – Bio shield complex worth $1,400. A further Seacret Direct giveaway product worth $400 was also given away during the pyjama party at Chocolate Day Spa. A massive thank you to Seacret Direct Australia for sponsoring the official Mrs. Universe Official Christmas party.

The 2021 Australian Golden Sash Awardees (Australasia Official)

Candice Tarrant – Charity queen of the year
Doreen Miller – Most promising queen of the year
Caitlyn Cutler – Royal beauty queen of the year
Natasha Karibatau- Global queen of the year
Patricia Singh – Most promising queen of the year
Thanya Sreepatta- Ambassador queen of the year
Rukeshma Sharma Lata – Ambassador queen of the year
Kimanh Dinh – Ambassador queen of the year
Ailexah Faye Bigornia – Global queen of the year
Rica Lee Calimag Tayag – Beauty queen of the year
Jamie Rose Griffiths – Universal queen of the year
Aaliyah Rose Robertson – Universal queen of the year
Poonam Rani – Humanitarian queen of the year
Maria Hall – Beauty queen of the year
Jolle Bruce – Royal beauty queen of the year
Analieze Bella Newton – Charity queen of the year
Jodie Mare Hudson – International Queen of the Year
Ceres Calizo Ledesma – Ambassador queen of the year
Seeyan Ricardo – Mr. International
Fred Ledesma – King fashionista of the year
Celso Salubre – Universal king of the year
Chloe Lofthouse – Beauty queen hall of fame
Jojo Sebastian – Global king of the year, King of the year and Pageant host hall of fame.

The 2021 Australian Golden Sash Awardees (Maxine Simmons)

Michelle Walker
Monique Leru Lane
Samantha Talacola
Anu Calcarni
Renny George
Saritha Mudalyor
Rosemin Safiq
Rosina Nisha
Amit Singh

The 2021 Sydney’s Best Dressed Awardees

Adele Kelly
Johanna Smith
Candice Tarrant
Cheryl Tarrant
Tanya Sreepattha
Maria Hall
Jaime Rose Griffiths
Chloe Lofthouse
Patricia Singh
Rukeshma Lata Sharma
Reny George
Lili Cao
Kimanh Dinh
Analieze Bella Newton
Fred Ledesma
Ceres Calizo Ledesma
Jojo Sebastian
Robbie Canner

Multicultural Business Awardees 2021

Margaret Cowan – The president of the Cook Island Community
Maryrose Salubre – Founder of Mrs. Universe Official
Joanna Gunay – Multicultural Ambassador
Cheryl Tarrant – Multicultural Ambassador
Adele Kelly – Multicultural Business Entrepreneur

Millionaires Alliance Business Awardees 2021

Adele Kelly
Johanna Smith
Marilou Bautista
Annie Gonzales
Louisa Nifmed

Little Mr and Miss Australasia Official Titleholders 2021

Candice Tarrant – Junior Australasia Official (Best in Production Number, Best in talent)
Maria Hall – Little Miss Australasia Universal (Best in Catwalk)
Isabel Fernandes – Miss Teen Australasia Official (Miss Photogenic)
Katherine Miller – Little Miss Australasia Worldwide (Best in Gown)
Ailexah Faye Bigornia – Little Miss Australasia Global (Darling of the Crowd)
Seeyan Ricardo – Little Mr. Australasia Official (Social Media Award, Best in Summer Wear)

Miss Australasia Official Titleholder 2021

Alina Xie – Miss Australasia Official and Miss International Official

Producers of Event:

Maryrose Salubre – Producer
Vicky Yen Chew – Co-Producer

Mrs. Universe Official Major Sponsors

Ms Entertainment – Maryrose Salubre
Millionaires Alliance – Vicky Yen Chew
The Property Investors Alliance – Justin Wang
Seacret Direct Australia
Multicultural Business Centre

Mrs. Universe Official Secondary Sponsors

Chocolate Day Spa – Miriam Scott
Adele Kelly
Johanna Smith
Mia Zhang
Geronimo & Associates – Linda Geronimo Santos
Andre’s Automotive
Villoni – Churlya Wurfel

Mrs. Universe Official Media Partners

StarCentral Magazine
TV1 Australia
TV1 News

Mrs. Universe Official Judges

Floraine Lombardo
Robbie Canner
Maryrose Salubre
Mark Hunt
Johanna Smith

Chief Marketing Officer & Advisor

Brian Worrell Frugtniet

Official MC

Jojo Sebastian

Special VIP Guests

Consul General of East Timor – Hon Luciano Valentim da Conceixao
Margaret Cowan, President of Cook Islands Community

Mrs. Universe Official Production Crew

Marc Baylon
Marlon Quijano
Eileen Maynigo
Jenny Hu
Maddy May

Mrs. Universe Official Crew

Beth Lofthouse
Jhaine Arcan Estorque
Adele Kelly
Annie Gonzales

Mrs. Universe Official Sash Presenter

Poonam Rani

Official Photographers

Dave Choo
James Mao
George Azmy
Victor Hawk
Shrirang Khandekar
Aleksandr Eremeev

Official Videographer

Foxdean Pictures


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