Introducing The Beauty Behind The Cover Of The April 2022 Issue Of Mrs. Universe Magazine: Tannaya Javier

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– Mrs. Universe Central Australia 2022 – Mrs. Universe Official
– Sole Trader and Part-time Beauty Therapist
– Full-Time Home Loan Manager
– Brand Ambassador and Model for Chocolate Day Spa and BareLife Naturals Australia
– Skincare Agent – Seacret Direct Australia

A young entrepreneur who is currently engaged and soon to be married, Tannaya Javier is a mother of two (Cali, aged 11, and Manila, aged 7) who kick-started her career in the finance banking world for over ten years – she is now moving into the world of beauty. Tannaya was originally born in the Australian Capital of ACT. After growing up in Whitsunday, Queensland, she eventually moved to Wollongong when she was 11 years old with her father, who sadly passed away in 2014; where she then moved to Sydney, NSW, to start her family and build the life, she had always wanted.

Tannaya has a real passion for dermatology and wants to share with the rest of the world what she has experienced firsthand – how she overcame her own struggles about her skin to become a public image for others who also experience the same problem she once had. Currently employed full-time with one of the major banking institutions in Australia, she’s also studying at one of the leading academies in Australia (Australian Academy of Beauty Dermal and Laser) and completing a double diploma in Beauty Business (Diploma – Beauty Therapy, Salon Management with an extension course IPL and Laser Dermal) to achieve her career goals in opening a salon of her own. Tannaya is also self-employed, a part-time beauty therapist at one of the leading spas in Australia, and a brand ambassador/model for the very own BareLife Naturals Australia and Chocolate Day Spa. Despite running a busy lifestyle, she still sets aside time to ensure she has a work/ life balance showing others that even though she has so much on her plate; she can still do everything she loves doing while maintaining time with her family and making the most out of her time multitasking with what she has a passion to do – which is to inspire others that if you put your mind to it anything is possible.

Tannaya’s advocacy promotes awareness of the Mental health of women, men, and children struggling with depression, anxiety, self-doubt, and self-awareness to help create change. She believes that advocacy is an essential means of raising awareness of mental health issues and ensuring that mental health is on the national agenda of governments. Advocacy can lead to improvements in policy, legislation, and service departments to help all walks of life overcome the struggles we face every day behind closed doors that others may not see. She has a passion for making a change towards this as she herself indirectly has had to overcome mental health issues.

Tannaya thrives on positivity, caring for others, and is focused on building her own empire that she can one day hand down to her own children. She believes this is a great platform to inspire and empower others to do the same. While she has a passion for everything, she will always endeavour to attend Mass on Sundays and make sure she attends charities to satisfy others and her own inner peace.

Tannaya’s background is half Australian and half Filipino, with her mother being full Australian and her father being full Filipino. Her father had always wanted her to get into the pageant life from a very young age, while her mother always knew beauty and fashion would become her vocation. Tannaya wants to inspire her own daughter to grow into the best woman she can be while being a role model.

Tannaya’s advice to everyone being in the pageant life is never to lose sight of yourself and always remember where you started and came from. Always be willing to help others and always support everyone while also putting yourself first. Never lose your confidence regardless of the negativity you may receive. Be yourself and love yourself. Remember being that 8-year-old girl you imagined you would be and the 80-year-old woman you want to become. Put God in the centre of everything you do, and everything will always fall together.