A Night to Remember at Belvedere Vodka’s Exclusive Celebration

Date: February 24, 2024

Hello, readers! I’m excited to share my recent experience at Belvedere Vodka’s exclusive celebration. The event took place on Saturday, February 17, at the chic Flamingo Lounge, located on Level 1/33 Bayswater Road, Potts Point, Sydney. The night was filled with glamour, red carpet-arrivals, and an impressive lineup of influencers and celebrities.

The festivities kicked off at 9:30 pm with the arrival of some of Australia’s most influential personalities. The red carpet was abuzz with excitement as celebrities and industry leaders made their way into the Flamingo Lounge, creating an atmosphere of anticipation for the night ahead.

One of the highlights of the evening was the complimentary Belvedere cocktails flowing generously until 10:30 pm. The premium vodka brand, known for its elegance and quality, added a touch of sophistication to the celebration. Guests were treated to an array of exquisite cocktails, setting the tone for a night of luxury and revelry.

As the clock struck 10:30 pm, the atmosphere shifted to the dance floor, where the finest DJs took center stage. The talented lineup included Outsource, Andrew Arcane, Ayem, Jay Rox, Joey, Nemz, Playz, and Teknix, who kept the energy high and the crowd entertained until the early hours of the morning.

The Flamingo Lounge proved to be the perfect setting for such a prestigious event. Its stylish ambiance and prime location in Potts Point added to the overall allure of the celebration. The combination of the venue, the exquisite Belvedere cocktails, and the stellar DJ lineup created an unforgettable experience for all attendees.

I extend my gratitude to Adrian Falk of Believe Advertising for the invitation to this exclusive gathering. It was a night filled with glitz, glamour, and the company of some of Australia’s most influential individuals. Belvedere Vodka’s celebration was undoubtedly a success, leaving a lasting impression on everyone fortunate enough to be part of this remarkable event.

Stay tuned for more exclusive event coverage and behind-the-scenes glimpses into the world of luxury and entertainment. Until next time, cheers to unforgettable nights and the celebration of success!

Nominations Are Now Open for the Prestigious 2024 Australian Golden Sash Awards

The Australian Golden Sash Awards, an esteemed ceremony dedicated to recognizing the exceptional achievements of Australian beauty queens in the pageant industry, is thrilled to announce that nominations are officially open for the 2024 edition.

The awards ceremony, hosted by MS Entertainment Network in collaboration with StarCentral Magazine, Global Elite Media Group, and TV6 Network, aims to highlight the remarkable accomplishments of men and women who have significantly contributed to the pageant community throughout the year. National Directors from various pageant systems have been extended an invitation to nominate and vote for outstanding individuals within their respective categories.

What sets the Australian Golden Sash Awards apart is the inclusive nature of the nominations. National Directors are not only encouraged to recognize individuals from their own pageant systems but are also welcome to nominate and vote for deserving candidates from other pageant systems. Additionally, pageant kings and queens have the opportunity to put forward nominations for individuals who have made significant contributions to their platforms.

All entries will be judged by the entire pageant community, ensuring a fair and comprehensive evaluation process. To be eligible to vote, participants must be either a National Director, a titleholder, or a beauty pageant contestant.

The awards ceremony will coincide with the Australasia Official 2024 event, promising an unforgettable night celebrating the beauty and achievements of the Australian pageant community. Four prestigious titles will be presented at the end of the evening, including Little Miss Beauty Queen of the Year, Beauty Queen of the Year (Teen/Miss category), Beauty Queen of the Year (Mrs/Miss category), and Pageant King of the Year.

“We are excited to open the nominations for the 2024 Australian Golden Sash Awards, an event that brings together the pageant community to honour and celebrate the outstanding contributions made by beauty queens across Australia,” said Maryrose Salubre, CEO at MS Entertainment Network.

Nominations are now open for those interested in participating and can be submitted through the official website msentertainmentnetwork.com. Don’t miss the chance to be part of this glamorous event that recognizes excellence and dedication within the pageant industry.

For media inquiries, please contact: Maryrose Salubre on 0423 744 420.

Mrs Universe Official CEO’s Empowering Dress Raises $1,500 for Inmate Pardons

In a heartwarming victory for Mrs Universe Official and Human Rights, CEO Maryrose Salubre recently spearheaded a charitable initiative that raised $1,500 to secure the release of inmates who had served their time. This philanthropic effort resulted in the pardon of 50-plus inmates just before Christmas at Lipa Jail in Batangas, Philippines, with further releases planned through ongoing fundraising efforts.

The impactful event occurred on December 17, 2023, at the prestigious Sir Stamford Hotel Circular Quay, where a community of supporters came together to contribute to the noble cause.

The Dress that Made a Difference

The centerpiece of this humanitarian initiative was a remarkable dress worn by Mrs Universe Official CEO Maryrose Salubre. The dress not only showcased elegance but also symbolized hope and freedom for those seeking a second chance in life. The funds raised through the dress contributed significantly to the successful release of inmates.

Freedom Granted

Before the year-end festivities, more than 50 inmates were granted freedom, thanks to the generosity and determination of those involved in the fundraising campaign. The impact on these individuals’ lives is immeasurable, giving them the opportunity to reintegrate into society and rebuild their futures.

Contributors and Human Rights Advocates

This successful initiative was made possible by the collaboration of dedicated individuals and human rights advocates who generously contributed to the cause. Among the notable contributors were Minerva SoyLatino, a fervent human rights defender, who donated $700 and now owns the gown named after the phoenix – a symbol of resilience and rebirth.

Other key contributors include Melai Peralta, Maryrose Salubre herself, Miel N Ika (Mrs. Universe Official 2023 & Youth Human Rights President), @alister (Human Rights Admin), Ceres Calizo Ledesma (Mrs. Elite Global Universe 2022), and Brian Worrell Frugtniet, all of whom made significant donations ranging from $100 to $200.

In a remarkable show of support, Mrs Elite Universe Eimee Cragun stepped forward with a substantial donation of 50,000 pesos to the cause. Her generosity adds a new dimension to the campaign, significantly boosting the funds available for inmate releases and emphasizing the widespread impact achievable through collaborative efforts.

Looking Ahead

The success of this initiative underscores the power of collective efforts in creating positive change. As Mrs Universe Official and Human Rights continue their mission, the funds raised will contribute to additional inmate releases, fostering a sense of hope and justice within the community.

This victory stands as a testament to the commitment of those who believe in the transformative power of compassion, empathy, and human rights. Mrs. Universe Official CEO Maryrose Salubre and her team are determined to carry this momentum into the new year, striving for a world where everyone is afforded the opportunity for redemption and a fresh start.

IGSA Academy Set to Transform Aspiring Talents with Exclusive Masterclass Launch in January 2024

Are you ready to elevate your dreams to new heights? MS Entertainment Network is thrilled to unveil “The International Golden Sash Academy (IGSA),” a groundbreaking educational initiative poised to empower aspiring models and catapult them into the dynamic world of the entertainment industry.

Launching in January 2024, IGSA Academy recognizes that a successful career in the entertainment industry demands more than just a photogenic appearance; it requires a comprehensive understanding of the industry, honed skills, and insider knowledge. This transformative one-day intensive Masterclass is meticulously designed to impart essential tools and insights that go beyond the traditional modeling curriculum.

Key Features of the IGSA Academy Masterclass (Limited to 12 Spots!):

  1. Complimentary Meals: Immerse yourself in a day of immersive learning with complimentary breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  2. Professional Photoshoot: Capture your essence with a photoshoot led by one of the world’s top photographers, ensuring high-quality portfolio images.
  3. Magazine Feature: Secure the chance to be featured in a prestigious magazine, amplifying your visibility within the industry.
  4. TV6 Network Video Feature: Showcase your talent through a video feature on TV6 Network, extending your reach to a broader audience.
  5. Live Catwalk in a Fashion Event: Apply your newfound skills on the runway with a live catwalk experience, turning theory into practice.

Key Learning Points:

  1. Makeup and Skincare: Master the art of applying your own makeup and skincare, refining your personal grooming skills.
  2. Runway, Deportment & Poses: Perfect the techniques of walking down the catwalk with confidence and style.
  3. Portfolio Building: Acquire the skills to create a compelling portfolio and a standout comp card.
  4. Posture & Presentation: Discover the secrets of presenting yourself with elegance in various situations.
  5. Confidence & Communication: Hone your confidence and communication skills, which are vital for success in the entertainment industry.
  6. TV & Media Training: Gain valuable insights into navigating television and media appearances with grace and poise.
  7. Social Media: Leverage the power of social media to enhance your personal brand and reach a wider audience.

Enroll in IGSA Academy’s Masterclass now to embark on a transformative journey toward modeling success. With limited spots available (maximum 12 people only), this exclusive program guarantees personalized attention and hands-on learning experiences. Seize this opportunity to shape your modeling future – secure your spot in IGSA Academy today!

Let’s get acquainted with some of the instructors set to teach at IGSA Academy:

Pedro Virgil

Pedro Virgil is renowned as a celebrity photographer and personality on reality TV shows. Notably, he served as a judge and photographer on the reality series Caribbean’s Next Top Model, and contributed as a Guest Photographer on Australia’s Next Top Model and Project Runway Australia seasons 1 & 2. His photography has graced numerous magazine covers and editorials, including features in prestigious publications like Inside Sport, Men’s Health, GQ, Sports Illustrated, DNA Magazine, and FHM, among others.

Pedro’s artistic work extends to major billboards showcasing high-profile brands such as Rolex, Sony, Adidas, Sony Ericsson, and Van Heusen. He has also made his mark in underwear campaigns, including notable brands like Calvin Klein. Pedro’s photographic expertise has been featured on hit television shows such as Australia’s Next Top Model, Project Runway seasons I & II, Football Superstar, Caribbean’s Next Top Model, and Australian Idol.

Joanne Nicolas

Joanne Nicolas, the talented, brilliant, and beautiful international fashion model, has established herself as one of the hardest-working supermodels in the modelling industry. She excels in various types of modelling and she’s highly experienced with several years of runway work under her belt.

Having 17 years of experience in the modelling industry, mostly in New York and Sydney, she was scouted by Victoria’s Secret to the VS casting in 2011 New York, and she has modelled for several high-profile brands, such as Oppo with America’s Next Top Model, Maybelline, Myer, L’Oreal, Vera Wang, Sony, Chanel, Max Mara, Westpac, David Jones, Karl Lagerfeld and many more.

Maryrose Salubre

Maryrose Salubre serves as the Founder and Managing Director of Mrs Universe Australia, Mrs Universe Official, and MS Entertainment Network. Having earned prestigious titles such as Mrs. Universe Australia 2020, Mrs. Southeast Asia, Mrs. Universe Courage 2016, and Mrs. Classic Galaxy 2017 during her reign as a beauty queen, Maryrose is not only a symbol of beauty but also a resilient breast cancer survivor.

Devoted to meaningful causes, Maryrose dedicates her time to raising awareness for breast cancer, championing women’s empowerment, preventing domestic abuse, and advocating for human rights. Her commitment extends beyond pageantry and advocacy, as she actively contributes to various pursuits. Maryrose is a producer-presenter at Sandigan Radio (88.1 FM 2RDJ) and a publisher of MS Magazine, Mrs. Universe Magazine, and Golden Sash Magazine. Academically accomplished, she recently completed her CCJ- Criminology and Criminal Justice at Griffiths University and is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Law at the University of New England.

Maryrose’s multifaceted involvement reflects her dedication to making meaningful contributions across diverse fields. Notably, she holds a doctorate and proudly serves as an international ambassador for youth human rights at the United Nations in New York, further solidifying her impact on a global scale.

Jojo Almazora Sebastian

Jojo Almazora Sebastian, a distinguished male force in the world of public speaking, weaves a narrative of diverse expertise and impactful engagements. From training beauty pageant candidates aged 6 to 65, Jojo showcases an ability to communicate effectively across generations and professions. As a Former University Professor, he seamlessly merges academic acumen with his public speaking prowess, shaping the next generation of communicators.

Jojo extends his influence as a Guest Motivational Speaker, leaving an indelible mark on high school and college graduations. Addressing societal issues, he engages in seminars on domestic violence and child abuse, using his eloquence to contribute to positive change. Jojo’s commitment to personal development is evident in seminars covering personality development, deportment, and charity development.

As a Professional Runway Coach, Jojo refines his role, combining poise and presentation with public speaking finesse. A member of Toastmasters International and a Multi-Awarded Professional Master of Ceremony, he stands as a beacon in communication excellence. Beyond the stage, Jojo’s versatility unfolds as a performer and singer, adding a melodious dimension to his impactful presence. In every facet, Jojo Almazora Sebastian stands as a multifaceted communicator, leaving an enduring imprint on stages and hearts alike.

Merven Virueda

Merven Virueda, Parramatta Community College’s Marketing and Programs Manager, stands as a beacon of creativity and expertise in the dynamic worlds of marketing, sales, and entertainment. With an impressive career spanning over two decades, Merven has become a driving force in helping businesses across diverse industries maximise their ROI and lead generation.

Merven’s professional journey has seen him collaborate with a wide array of organizations, showcasing his adaptability and prowess in navigating the unique challenges presented by hotels, home builders, educational services, NGOs, FMCG, nightclubs/pubs, and e-commerce ventures. His holistic approach to marketing extends beyond conventional boundaries, making him a sought-after professional in the field.

MS Entertainment Rings in the Festive Season with StarCentral Magazine at Exclusive Year-End Celebration

Photo Credit: George Azmy

MS Entertainment, under the dynamic leadership of CEO Maryrose Salubre, came together with StarCentral Magazine, led by CEO Mike Ilagan, to close the year with a spectacular celebration. The event, held at the prestigious five-star hotel Sir Stamford in Circular Quay, was a glamorous affair filled with delectable treats, entertainment, and the crowning of new Mrs. Universe Official queens.

An Extravagant Venue and Culinary Delights

The exclusive celebration unfolded at the luxurious Sir Stamford, providing the perfect setting for an evening of elegance and festivities. Attendees were treated to a culinary journey with delicious canapes, refreshing drinks, and mouthwatering sweet bread, creating a sensory experience that complemented the opulence of the surroundings.

Crowning of Mrs Universe Official Queens

A highlight of the evening was the crowning of the new Mrs. Universe Official queens, adding an extra layer of prestige and excitement to the event. The ceremony showcased the beauty, grace, and accomplishments of these exceptional women, setting the stage for a year of empowerment and inspiration.

Musical Magic by Janie Kogan

The celebration was further elevated by a soulful performance from Janie Kogan, who serenaded the audience with the timeless classic, “All I Want for Christmas Is You.” The enchanting musical interlude added a festive touch to the evening, creating a warm and joyful atmosphere.

Masterful Hosting by Jojo Almazora Sebastian

Guiding the proceedings with charisma and flair, super MC Jojo Almazora Sebastian ensured that the evening flowed seamlessly. His engaging presence kept the guests entertained and set the perfect tone for the celebration.

Collaboration with TV6 Network and Global Elite Media Group

In a spirit of collaboration, the event joined forces with TV6 Network and Global Elite Media Group. GEM Models contributed to the showcase of Sydney’s Best Dressed Models, featuring a lineup of style influencers who graced the event, including Serena Peralta, Eisha Hobson, Lola Swadling, Syafira Hughes, Candice Tarrant, Cheryl Tarrant, Alfredo Ledesma, Ceres Ledesma, Grace Laceda, Amina Noori, and Putri Widiyarti.

A Night to Remember

The collaborative efforts of MS Entertainment, StarCentral Magazine, TV6 Network, and Global Elite Media Group culminated in a night to remember. As the year drew to a close, the celebration not only marked the achievements and collaborations of the past but also set the stage for an exciting and promising future in the realm of entertainment and media.

Celebrating Freedom: Maryrose Salubre, CEO of Mrs. Universe Official, Launches Silent Auction For Human Rights

Maryrose Salubre, renowned CEO of Mrs. Universe Official, is on a mission to make this Christmas season truly special by organizing a silent auction dedicated to the noble cause of human rights. The auction aims to draw a generous response from the community, with the goal of raising funds to secure the release of four inmates from Lipa City Jail in Batangas, Philippines, whose sentences have concluded but are hindered by a lack of funds for the necessary legal processes.

Fueled by her passion for justice and compassion, Maryrose Salubre has taken a remarkable step by pledging to donate one of her cherished dresses to the silent auction. While the dress holds sentimental value and is one of a kind, Maryrose believes that the act of setting someone free from incarceration is far more significant than holding onto an item that, despite its sentimental value, serves no practical purpose.

In her heartfelt commitment to the cause, Maryrose envisions a future where the dress, now part of the silent auction, will find its place in the Mrs. Universe museum—an enduring symbol of the impact that collective efforts for justice and freedom can achieve.

The silent auction, an innovative initiative, invites generous donors and supporters to contribute towards the funds required to process the release of the four inmates. Maryrose Salubre emphasizes that the goal is not merely the acquisition of a dress but the profound act of granting freedom to individuals who have served their sentences and are eager to rejoin society.

Maryrose shares her sentiments, stating, “While I would love to keep this one-of-a-kind dress, the significance of setting someone free from jail far outweighs the emotional attachment to an inanimate object. It may hold a special place in my heart, but the impact of liberating someone this Christmas will make this season’s wish truly memorable.”

The silent auction is an opportunity for the community to come together, contribute, and be part of a transformative journey toward justice and human rights. Maryrose Salubre, known for her commitment to impactful initiatives, urges everyone to participate in this noble cause and make a difference in the lives of those seeking a second chance.

As the silent auction unfolds, the funds generated will be directed toward legal processes, ensuring a swift and efficient release for the deserving individuals. Maryrose envisions not just the liberation of four individuals but a collective celebration of freedom that resonates far beyond the holiday season.

For more information about the silent auction and how to contribute, please contact Maryrose on 0423 744 420.

First-Ever International Golden Sash Awards (IGSA) to Shine Spotlight on Global Achievements

In an unprecedented move set to redefine the global landscape of beauty pageantry, the International Golden Sash Awards (IGSA) is gearing up for its momentous debut in the dynamic city of Manila come February 2024. Recognized as the beauty pageant equivalent of the illustrious Oscars, this inaugural event is poised to transcend conventional notions of glamour, spotlighting not only the beauty but also the talent and profound impact of beauty queens from across the globe.

Conceptualized with visionary zeal by CEO Maryrose Salubre, the IGSA stands as more than a glamorous celebration; it signifies a profound acknowledgment of the extraordinary achievements of beauty queens and outstanding individuals spanning diverse industries. Beyond the glittering façade of beauty pageants, this prestigious ceremony seeks to pay homage to trailblazers in entertainment, music, modeling, fashion, entrepreneurship, politics, and beyond.

Under the dynamic leadership of Maryrose Salubre, the IGSA is not merely a singular event; it serves as a precursor to a comprehensive global recognition platform. In pursuit of this grand vision, Salubre is set to launch the Golden Sash Awards in various countries worldwide, expanding the reach of the IGSA initiative. Successful launches have already taken place, with the Australian Golden Sash Awards and the Philippines Golden Sash Awards.

Looking ahead, the ambitious goal for 2025 is to extend the Golden Sash Awards to countries worldwide, with the next stops being the New York and Europe Golden Sash Awards. Culminating in a grand event—the International Golden Sash Awards—this visionary initiative founded on the principle that achievements transcend borders seeks to unite the global community in celebrating excellence and positive contributions to the world.

The collaborative efforts between MS Entertainment Network, StarCentral Magazine, and Megastar Production ensure a seamless and spectacular event that not only captivates audiences but also establishes a new tradition in the world of beauty pageants. As anticipation builds for the first-ever IGSA, beauty queens and exceptional individuals nominated for these prestigious awards can expect an unforgettable evening—a night of recognition, celebration, and the commencement of a new era in global beauty pageantry.

This one-of-a-kind awards ceremony, which carries significant weight in the industry, aims to let everyone know that their hard work is not only acknowledged but celebrated on a global stage. The IGSA promises to be a beacon of inspiration, uniting the world in celebrating the diverse achievements that define true beauty in its myriad forms.

Mrs Universe Official 2023: And The Winners Are. . .

After a captivating public and media presentation held at Queens at Bollywood Halal Indian Bar and Restaurant in Greenbelt 3 Makati, the grand coronation night for Mrs. Universe Official 2023 took place at Newport Performing Arts Theater in Pasay City on October 13.

The prestigious Newport World Resorts served as the backdrop for the pageant held at the majestic Newport Performing Arts Theater. The venue is renowned for hosting a myriad of events, plays, musicals, and exclusive productions. This theater boasts the largest LED screen in Asia, offering dynamic video backdrops for various shows. The stage, known as the widest in the Philippines, is equipped with advanced technology, including Euro-LED screens with 3D effects, a sophisticated fly system, a revolving stage, and state-of-the-art lighting and audio facilities.

The event, powered by Megastar Production Co. and co-produced by MS Entertainment and QFirst Property Investment Group, was managed by Megastar Production and directed by Direk Concon Siñel, along with Jerome Malate and a dedicated staff.  

The pageant featured an array of candidates from different countries, each representing their nation. A distinguished group of candidates from various countries graced the prestigious Mrs. Universe Official 2023 pageant:

Nikka Marcial from Australia, radiating grace and charm.
Umme Fakrul Nahar Shawoon from Bangladesh, representing her country with elegance.
Jeanny Buan from Canada, showcasing her remarkable poise.
Kashmira Doctor from India, embodying grace and confidence.
Urwashi Patil from India, adding an extra touch of elegance to the competition.
Erico Hagimura from Japan, presenting her grace and charisma on stage.
Maricel Tagawa from Japan, adding a touch of sophistication to the event.
Edzel Lopez from Madrid, representing her country with pride and elegance.
Catherine Fox from New Zealand, bringing her unique aura to the stage.
Eimee CRAGUN from the Philippines, showcasing her exceptional talent.
Marissa Joelle from Phil Japan, captivating the audience with her charm.
Sarah Samson from Phil UAE, showcasing elegance and grace.
Cyprian Fruean Posesione from Samoa, presenting herself with grace and poise.
Makiko Ichikawa from Tokyo, bringing her unique style and elegance.
Janet Pichon Cersley from the USA, exuding charisma and confidence.

In the culminating moments of the Mrs. Universe Official 2023 pageant, a series of titles were bestowed upon exceptional candidates. Among the winners were:

Mrs. Philippines, awarded the title of Mrs. Charity Queen, in recognition of her charitable efforts.

Mrs. Phil UAE, crowned as Mrs. Photogenic for her captivating camera presence.

Mrs. Phil Japan, chosen as the Press Favorite, recognized by the media and audience.

Mrs. Spain, celebrated as the Best in National Costume, showcasing her cultural attire.

Mrs. Samoa, acknowledged as Mrs. Congeniality for her amiable and kind spirit.

Mrs. USA, hailed as the Social Media Queen for her influence in the online sphere.

Mrs. Philippines, awarded the title of Best in Forum, showcasing excellence in her forum discussions.

Mrs. Tokyo, recognized as Best in Evening Gown for her stunning appearance.

The climactic moment of the event unveiled the highly anticipated winners of the Mrs. Universe Official 2023 pageant:

Second Runner-up of Ms. Universe Official: Spain’s Edzel Lopez showcased her grace and charm.
Elite Mrs. Universe Official Second Runner-up: Marissa Joelle from Phil Japan captivated the audience.
Mrs. Universe Official Second Runner-up: Japan’s Erico Hagimura claimed her spot among the top finalists.
First Runner-up of Ms. Universe Official: Phil UAE’s Sarah Samson made a remarkable impression.
Elite Mrs. Universe Official First Runner-up: Samoa’s Cyprian Fruean Posesione demonstrated her excellence.
Mrs. Universe Official First Runner-up: USA’s Janet Pichon Cersley made her mark in the prestigious rankings.
Ms. Universe Official 2023: Canada’s Jeanny Buan achieved the crown with distinction.
Elite Mrs. Universe Official 2023: Philippines’ Eimee Cragun received the elite title in this prestigious competition.
Mrs. Universe Official 2023: Australia’s Nikka Marcial was celebrated as the crowned winner of the pageant.

Exclusively Behind the Scenes: Mrs Universe Official 2023’s Path to the Crown

The grandeur of the Mrs. Universe Official 2023 event unfurled on October 13, set against the exquisite backdrop of the Newport World Resort in the Philippines. This remarkable journey commenced in the idyllic setting of 888 Resort & Spa in Cavite where they performed their Human Rights presentation.

Next up was Tayabas Quezon, a city pulsating with a vibrant tapestry of local customs and flavours. Opening ceremonies at the West Avenue Suites Hotel marked the start of this extraordinary affair, characterized by a blend of elegance and goodwill, befitting the candidates of Mrs. Universe Official 2023.

The candidates were immersed in an authentic culinary adventure as they navigated the bustling streets of Tayabas, reveling in its diverse street food scene. Their exploration was a celebration of the community’s rich cultural heritage and a tribute to the vivid flavors that unite different cultures. With grace and poise, the candidates delved into the vivid tapestry of local delights, harmonizing an array of distinctive tastes that symbolize the fusion of cultures, weaving a narrative of unity through the celebration of culinary diversity.

Honorable Mayor Lovely Reynoso Pontioso and the esteemed members of the local government unit in Tayabas were honoured during this remarkable event, appreciating their commitment to the success of this vibrant affair.

Among the memorable highlights of this journey were visits to local establishments such as Rodillas Yema Cake in Tayabas Quezon, Pareng Avel’s Kitchen at Lost Paradise, Kamayan Sa Palaisdaan, and Alfresco Jardin Restaurant. These visits were a nod to the region’s finest and most esteemed local products, a testament to their commitment to supporting the local community.

The essence of Mrs. Universe Official 2023 surpassed conventional pageantry, encapsulating a deeper sense of purpose and service to the community. The event was a vivid representation of their dedication to community initiatives, including the launch of the Adopt-A-River rehabilitation project in partnership with Kiwanis Highlanders. This strategic initiative was a pivotal part of the broader vision of Kiwanis Asia-Pacific’s Green Generation sustainability initiative.

In a heartwarming display of unity and environmental consciousness, the candidates actively engaged in a tree-planting event along the scenic riverbanks in Alfonso, Cavite. The hands-on participation symbolized their shared commitment to nurturing a sustainable environment for the generations to come.

Notably, the candidates participated in a thought-provoking Human Rights Forum, each presenting a video presentation discussing critical human rights topics. Their insightful discussions reflected the event’s commitment to creating a positive impact on a local and global scale.

The participants of Mrs Universe Official 2023 visited Lipa Jail for a charitable initiative. As part of their support, they purchased ten paintings, enabling the release of four inmates through the proceeds.

The grand finale of this unforgettable journey brought the 16 official candidates to Manila, marking the pinnacle of the event’s celebrations. They graced the press presentation at Queens at Bollywood Bollywood PH restaurant in Greenbelt 3, Makati City, with a public and media presentation at Queens at Bollywood Halal Indian Bar and Restaurant, nestled in the heart of Greenbelt 3 Makati.

A family-owned mechanic business wins big at national industry awards

In the heart of Mt Druitt, a family-owned mechanic business has not only earned the trust of its local community but has now claimed the top spot in its industry nationwide. Andre Automotive Pty Ltd. proudly took home the first-place trophy in the 2023 Australian Trades Small Business Champion Awards, a prestigious recognition at the forefront of celebrating excellence in small trades businesses across the country.

The journey of Andre Automotive is a testament to the power of passion, perseverance, and a commitment to exceptional service. It all began in 2014 when the business started as a mobile car mechanic, navigating the streets to provide convenient automotive solutions to its clients. What set them apart was not just their mechanical expertise but a genuine dedication to honesty, trustworthiness, and reliability.

As satisfied customers multiplied and positive feedback echoed, the business realized it was time to expand its horizons. In February 2016, Andre Automotive transitioned from a mobile mechanic service to a fully operational business, setting up shop in a commercial warehouse space. The aim was clear – to offer a 5-star service to the Mt Druitt community.

The rapid growth of the business was a clear indication that Andre Automotive was on the right track. By June 2017, it officially became a Proprietary company, and its customer base had soared to an impressive 5500 and counting. Even amid the challenges posed by the Covid pandemic in June 2019, the business seized an opportunity for expansion. A new workshop unit was added, a testament to their resilience and commitment to serving their fast-growing customer base.

Andre Automotive has become synonymous with excellence in the automotive industry, servicing a diverse range of vehicles from renowned brands and models. The company’s commitment to quality is further underscored by its accreditation from top industry organizations such as MTAA, RMS, and ARC, solidifying its reputation as a trusted automotive service provider.

Today, Andre Automotive Pty Ltd. stands as one of the fastest-growing automotive businesses in Western Sydney, a recognition of their unwavering commitment to excellence. Beyond their remarkable success, the company is also recognized for its community engagement. As sponsors of Maryrose Salubre and MS Entertainment Network, Andre Automotive has actively collaborated on various projects, showcasing a commitment to not just business growth but also to supporting and contributing to the broader community.

Andre Automotive and Mrs. Universe Official joined forces on several impactful projects, including the installation of a commercial ceiling fan valued at 10k. This collaboration extended beyond initiatives to raise funds for these projects.

One of the noteworthy endeavors was the establishment of a community workshop multipurpose building, aiming to serve the diverse needs of Pampanga’s local community. This facility is designed to be a hub for various activities that contribute to the well-being and growth of the community.

Additionally, the collaboration focused on enhancing community spaces by installing screens around an entire church, providing a platform for multimedia presentations and community events. The project aimed to create a more interactive and engaging environment within the church premises.

Another significant initiative involved the refurbishment of the gate at Dau High School. This collaborative effort aimed to improve the aesthetics and functionality of the school gate, contributing to a more welcoming and secure educational environment.

Through these collaborative projects, Andre Automotive and Mrs. Universe Official have demonstrated a shared commitment to community development, utilizing their resources and influence to make a positive impact on local spaces and institutions.

To Andre Automotive, congratulations on your well-deserved victory at the 2023 Australian Trades Small Business Champion Awards. Your journey is an inspiration, and your commitment to excellence is a beacon for businesses striving for success. As you continue to power ahead, may you achieve even greater milestones and continue to be a driving force in the automotive industry.

Here’s to Andre Automotive – Driven by Excellence, Recognized Nationally. Congrats and more power!