Introducing The 2022 Mrs. Universe Australia Finalists

Mrs. Universe Australia provides a platform for the country’s most beautiful, confident, and honourable women to compete for the Mrs. Universe Australia title. Mrs. Universe Australia is a unique organization that provides a platform where all women are represented and supported. The Mrs. Universe Australia finalist must be between the age of 18 to 55, have a family, have her own career, and be involved with a significant cause in favour of other people. The Mrs. Universe pageant is not just open to married women, it’s also open to divorced or widowed women. The idea that unites them is the motto “against violence” which in different years covers different causes. Past finalists have gone on to use their platforms to advocate for significant world issues as well as build successful careers.

After passing regional screenings, 10 finalists were selected to compete for the Mrs. Universe Australia 2022 title. Below is the list of candidates:

Lili Cao

Lili Cao is a 42-year-old entrepreneur who hails from Greenvalley – she was originally born in Nha Trang Vietnam, and she’s a self-employed lash beautician. She speaks English and Vietnamese, she’s a mother to three beautiful children, she loves running businesses, she loves the outdoors, and enjoys all kinds of sports. She’s very friendly and she loves to be part of the community to contribute in a humanitarian way or work with people to be their best as much as possible. She also strongly believes that the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

Rukeshma Lata

Rukeshma Lata is a proactive woman that comfortably juggles between her career, her two teenagers, community involvement, and being a socialite. She’s a fashionista and always have been since she was a child. Her passion for fashion has led her to many ramp walks as a model and through joining pageants, she wants to make a difference in the world through social justice causes such as inequality and discrimination. She grew up in Fiji and then moved to New Zealand before coming to Australia in 1998. Coming from a family where volunteering your time for the community was a natural thing to do – As soon as she arrived in Australia, she started the same here. She’s a volunteer for Rural Fire Service with Macarthur Catering, Middleton Grange Station, and her love for cooking and having her own page called Cook’s Creations is where she inspires many people about healthy cooking and ethnic foods. In fact, this is what led her to join the catering team at RFS. Supporting child orphanages is something she’s also passionate about as it gives her so much satisfaction to show empathy and kindness towards the less fortunate. She supports girls and boys orphanages in Fiji and Nepal and she’s happy that her children have taken on the role of ambassadors for these orphanages and support them through clothes, stationery, and money.

Joanna Gunay

Joanna Gunay is a 33-year-old, proud wife and mother of 2 beautiful children. She was born in the Philippines and raised here in Sydney, Australia. Joanna is a graduate from the University of Sydney with a Bachelor in Oral Health – she’s currently working in an Orthodontic practice in Castle Hill. Her passions include health, fitness, and well-being, and she loves to spend time outdoors being active. During her reign as Miss Philippines-Australia in 2012, Joanna represented the Australian-Filipino community through various social and charity events both here in Australia and in the Philippines. She started modelling after being scouted by an agency and since then has worked with different photographers, she has also walked the runway for various well-renowned designers. It is her advocacy to promote awareness of the plight of women and children suffering domestic violence and help create change. She believes that true beauty exudes from within and would like to use this platform to inspire and empower other women to value their self-worth.

Patricia Singh

Patricia Singh is a 33-year-old Fiji Indian living in Sydney, Australia. She’s a proud mum of two and she’s a nurse who’s currently finishing up her laboratory skills studies – she’s also got an account and leadership background. Patricia is a makeup artist as well which is her personal hobby apart from doing charity work for her beloved Fiji at Fiji blind school and other non-profit organisations in Sydney. She loves supporting charity events and her platform is advocating domestic violence as well as its effects on mental health. She’s very privileged to be part of Mrs. Universe Australia – meeting new challenges and getting support from her director and her lovely queen sisters.

Monique Cantalejo Rivera

Monique Cantalejo Rivera, with an inspiring story of struggle and success, is an accomplished entrepreneur, wife to Engineer Joven V. Rivera, and a loving mom to Nicoh Jovelyn and Johan Patrick as well as an ardent advocate of children’s welfare and protection and volunteer charity worker through Onessimo Foundation. She is not a newbie in pageant competition having participated in Eat Bulaga’s Beautiful Girl in 2002 and won as Dream Girl 2nd runner-up. She also holds the title of Mrs. South East Asia a few years back before becoming Mrs. Universe Philippines Laguna 2021. Aside from her family, her greatest motivation in joining pageants is not the allure of fame that goes with the crown, but the platform it gives and the bridge it builds between her and the generous people and corporate sponsors willing to lend a helping hand and those children in difficult and vulnerable situations.

Vannet Meas

Vannet Meas is a 39-year-old hard-working mother of two beautiful girls. She comes from a Cambodian/Chinese background and she has a degree in Fashion Design and Aged care. Her passion at the moment is caring for the elderly and those with a disability. She decided to follow her heart and work as a Disability Support Worker to support herself and her family. She can speak Khmer, Thai, and English. She’s proud to be part of Mrs. Universe Australia 2022 and she would like to encourage others to fulfill their dreams and to believe that if you put your mind to it you can achieve your goals in life. She wants to set a good example for her children to follow and empower other women like herself and let them know that no matter what we have been through we can come out stronger and better. In her free time, she loves travelling and going on adventures, and spending quality with her family.

Yelitza Martinez

Christine Escalante

City of Manila’s Christine Escalante is a proud mother of three beautiful children. Also, a successful lady who owns several firms such as Custech Contact Center Philippines (a BPO), GVHR Trading, and Construction to name a few. A multi-faceted and talented queen, she is also a freelance commercial model and movie actress under Star Magic and current host of ATC International at TV 31. A philanthropist at heart, Chrizzie as she is fondly called, is an active officer of different socio-civic organizations such as VP of Wanita Filipina, an organization that aims to empower women, President of League of Empowered Women in the Philippines that aims to support domestic women in their mental, spiritual and emotional needs and lady queen of WCEA or World Council of Educators Association, which is a charity organization for professionals, helping children, the elderly and people with disability.

Debasrita Mukherjee

36-year-old Debasrita Mukherjee is a mother of a 10-year-old gymnast, a wife, and the dutiful daughter of two beautiful souls, who has taught her great life lessons. She feels life is too short to be good at one thing. Hence, she’s an HR professional working for an esteemed organisation in Sydney. She’s also a Bollywood, Indian classical, and belly dancer as well as a plus-size model and an influencer. She’s an advocate of mental health awareness as well and she strongly stands for women’s rights, empowering them and creating domestic violence awareness.

Susan (Sue) Turner

Susan (Sue) Turner came from a wonderful family with a mother who was a head nurse and a beauty queen. When Sue was only seven years old, she won the little miss MS multiple sclerosis pageant; this started her journey towards her passion as a beauty queen. From there, she worked tirelessly with her mother in many charities. Some of the charities she supports include Domestic violence association Sydney, MS multiple sclerosis, Child’s vision Australia, Breast cancer foundation, Wesley Mission, Salvation Army, Cystic fibrosis foundation, Starlight foundation, and Destiny Rescue. She is the director of Crimes Against Humanity Missing Persons Australia and has worked alongside the justice system to help prevent criminal activities. Sue is a global mentor within the pageant industry to all beauty queens worldwide as a featured public figure influencer. She has also won many awards as a beauty queen including Mrs. Global World International, Mrs. Earth Air Australia 2017, Mrs. International Global Australia 2018, Mrs. International Global Australia 2018, Humanitarian International 2018, Woman of the World 2018, and AGSA’s International Beauty Queen of the year 2019. Sue is currently the CEO of GEQ (Global Elite Queens) magazine and Global Elite Media Group and her vision is to give voice to those who inspire to become the best they can be in their industry.




It’s Official: World’s Best Dressed Is Coming In 2021

Proudly brought to you by MS Entertainment Network – the first-ever World’s Best Dressed is officially coming to Australia in 2021.

World’s Best Dressed aims to bring together beauty queens, fashionistas, entrepreneurs, and stunning models from all over the world.  Since the government has called on the public to stop gathering at the moment to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, the 2021 World’s Best Dressed will be held virtually this year and we are now open for submissions. 

Here are the terms: Anyone from anywhere in the world can submit a video of their 2 looks (casual and cocktail) via [email protected] These 2 videos will be screened by the board of MS Entertainment Network to make sure that they are eligible to be part of the World’s Best Dressed circle. If the applicant is successful then they will be notified via email –  once we’ve gathered all the submissions then a final cut will be aired on TV1 Australia.

World’s Best Dressed is an amazing virtual event where fashion, pageantry, and the elite members of the community will come together as one. World’s Best Dressed honours men and women of distinction who will be selected for their accomplishments, achievements, services, excellence, and fashion sense.

Check out some of the amazing photos from the 2021 Sydney’s Best Dressed below courtesy of George Azmy:

Meet Our 2021 Mrs. Universe Australia, Woman Of The Universe And Mrs. Classic Universe Philippines

As we’re sure you’re already aware, the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has led to a need for social distancing to help prevent the spreadThe need for social distancing and self-isolation has meant that bringing large groups of people together isn’t viable right now. For this reason, we’ve made the difficult decision to postpone the Mrs. Universe Australia coronation night and instead, just choose a representative to compete in the 2021 Mrs. Universe international pageant to be held in South Korea this November. While we know this is disappointing, we hope you understand this is a necessary step to help keep each other safe in these unprecedented times.

As you may well be aware, the government has called on the public to stop gathering to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, and so it wouldn’t be responsible for us to go ahead with the Mrs. Universe Australia coronation night at this time. We hope you can join us at Mrs. Universe Australia on the rearranged date of potentially October 31 which is a lead-up to the 2022 Mrs. Universe International pageant to be held here in Sydney.

We’ll keep you posted if anything changes, and please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or concerns via [email protected] In the meantime, we’d like to introduce our Mrs. Universe Australia 2021, Woman Of The Universe 2021, and Mrs. Classic Universe Philippines 2021.

Mrs. Classic Universe Philippines 2021 – Ceres Ledesma

Ceres Ledesma originally hails from Aklan, Philippines – she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education and she used to be a teacher in the Philippines. 

Her passion for runway and beauty pageants can be traced back to her prime years in the Philippines. She was a dance trainer, a beauty contender, a model of “Modas De Ayer” of Moseo De Aklan, as well as a model of Faces Asia Philippines in the ’80s – she was recently crowned as Mrs. Classic Universe Philippines 2020. At present, she works as a front liner at the Douglas Hanly Moir Pathology receiving specimens and coding COVID-19 samples. 

Outside of work, her living name is Ceres, the goddess of agriculture. She indulges herself in gardening and flower arrangement, and she loves dancing and traveling too.

Woman Of The Universe 2021 – Cheryl G. Tarrant

Cheryl G. Tarrant is a 35-year-old, married beauty queen and a mother of one. She was born in Iloilo, Philippines, and she graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing at the University of Iloilo, Philippines. She was also the champion in the inter-department dancesport (Latin category) out of the entire University. Some of her past titles include being crowned as the Campus Queen ‘98 of Miagao East Central Elementary School (Iloilo, Philippines), coming 1st runner up at the Miss CAT pageant 2001 of SIPC-WVCST Miagao Laboratory high school, and was the former queen and the lead dancer who won as the Grandslam Champion – Tribe Daplong of SIPC-WVCST Miagao high school of Salakayan Festival (Iloilo, Philippines). She was also a model of Alta Moda Haute couture (Iloilo, Philippines) and has performed at various concerts around Aged Care facilities to help fund Dementia Australia. As an Aged Care worker, she is promoting her advocacy to Elderly Care because she believes that they have contributed to the core of what we have right now.  

Mrs. Universe Australia 2021 – Kristine Tootsie Aseron Santos

Kristine Tootsie Aseron Santos is a mother of 3, model, pageant, and runway coach of #tootsierollwalk. She has been involved in charitable work helping people that are struggling right now and she has been feeding homeless people in the Philippines. In fact, she went to the Philippines last January and gave relief to the victims of the Taal volcano eruption. She’s also still fundraising up to this day to assist the people who’ve been struggling right now due to COVID 19.

Featured Event Of The Month: The 2021 Sydney Multicultural Film Awards

Sydney Multicultural Film Awards is an award ceremony that celebrates the talent coming from creatives from all around the world, with a focus on inclusion, diversity, and multiculturalism. Set in Sydney, this festival offers a beautiful backdrop and home to the awards ceremony. The Sydney Multicultural Film Awards is a platform pioneered by The Australian Millionaires Business Network, MS Entertainment Network, FilmCentral Magazine, TV1 Australia and StarCentral Magazine. 

In its first year, the festival will be online due to the current lockdown in Australia, however, it will be a spectacular face-to-face event in the following years.

Also, you can take advantage of our much cheaper launch entry fee this year.


1. All the films will have the option to house their project via our media partner – TV1 (
2. All the winners will receive plaques that will be posted to them.
3. The Best Actor will receive a magazine feature and will appear on the cover of FilmCentral magazine valued at $3000 AUD
4. All the winners will receive a copy of the next copy of FilmCentral Magazine featuring the rest of the SMFA overall winners.



SMFA will use the term “content” to mean and refer to any and all content, videos, films, media, captures and all other materials, such as publicity stills or other supporting content you submit to us.

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We will not be responsible for lost, damaged, misdirected, unusable or unreadable content.


There are no age restrictions or requirements for the film awards. If you are considered a minor where you live (generally under 18 years of age) and you submit content for selection in the SMFA, you are confirming that you have received your parent’s/guardian’s express consent to do so and that your parent/guardian (i) has read and, on your behalf, agrees to be bound by this agreement; and (ii) understands, agrees and shall be fully responsible for your submission.


You are solely responsible and liable for the content you submit (and the consequences thereof) made under your name, username, e-mail address, password, and your registration or profile information. The content does not reflect the views of the SMFA.
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In Pictures: The 2020 Australian Golden Sash Awards

The AGSA (Australian Golden Sash Awards) is a ceremony aimed at showcasing Australian beauty queens who have made the most outstanding contributions to the pageant industry during the year.

To provide integrity in the judging of the categories, National Directors are typically invited to nominate beauty queens who have competed in their respective pageant systems in the specified categories. Entries are usually judged by the entire pageant community. You must be a National Director, a titleholder, or a beauty pageant contestant to be eligible to vote.

This annual event is the first of its kind in Australia. The ceremony is brought to you by MS Entertainment Network in collaboration with StarCentral Magazine.

Unfortunately for 2020, biosecurity measures and travel restrictions have been put in place to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Thus, Australia’s borders were closed and sadly, other National Directors and beauty queens from interstate and overseas were unable to join our 2020 celebration.

On a happy note, the 2020 Australian Golden Sash Awards was a sold-out event and we’d like to thank our major sponsors for this event: Sanjiv Bhalla’s Elite Supermodel Australia and St. Patrick’s College Australia. Thank you for continually supporting our projects.

Event Review: The FIRST EVER Sydney’s Best Dressed

The first-ever Sydney’s Best Dressed finally had its official event last year and it was definitely a night to remember!

Set against the backdrop of Sir Stamford Circular Quay, Sydney’s Best Dressed brought together beauty queens, fashionistas, entrepreneurs, and stunning models from all over Sydney as well as sponsors and several high profile individuals. Fabulously facilitated by the StarCentral team, it was an amazing event where fashion, pageantry, and the elite members of the community came together as one. Sydney’s Best Dressed honoured men and women of distinction who were selected for their accomplishments, achievements, services, excellence, and fashion sense.

Congratulations to the CEO of Sydney’s Best Dressed Maryrose Salubre for pulling off an incredible night – it was an amazing effort in a spectacular setting. Congratulations also to all the beautiful and dashing awardees.

Check out some of the amazing photos from the event below courtesy of George Azmy:



The CEO Behind Australasia Official Just Launched Her Very Own Sleepwear Collection

If you’re on the hunt for a pair of go-to isolation pj’s (you know, the ones you can actually wear all day), Australasia Official CEO Maryrose Salubre has the perfect solution for you.

After launching a new skincare product just recently, now, she has delved into the world of sleepwear releasing her debut sleepwear collection. And, you’ll definitely want to trade in your old pj’s for these!

MS Sleepwear comes in three colourways: white, classic black, and pink.

“I love pj’s and I have dreamt of launching a sleepwear collection one day,” Maryrose said in a statement. “I am thrilled to finally announce the launch of the MS Sleepwear collection.”

A number of beauty queens and models attended the launch and it was held at the Rhodes Business Centre. As glasses clinked, and VIP’s chatted – the vibe of the evening was flair, style, and sex appeal. Check out the photos from the launch below courtesy of Dave Choo:

Australasia Official CEO Maryrose Salubre Has Just Launched A New Affordable Skincare Range

Australasia Official and AGSA CEO Maryrose Salubre has officially launched her highly anticipated new skincare range to complement her other current ventures.

PURE is committed to providing premium-quality products based on the best of science and nature. This philosophy includes the avoidance of artificial dyes, colors, flavors, sweeteners, and other potentially harmful ingredients. Ingredients PURE selects for inclusion are natural, derived from natural sources, or made through natural processes. To the best of the company’s knowledge, its products do not contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Products with organic ingredients are listed on labels.

PURE has a simple solution for getting started. It’s called CORE4 and includes HealthTrim® Cleanse, GoYin, Daily Build, and ENERGY. A number of high-profile beauty queens and models attended the launch and it was held at the Rhodes Business Centre. Maryrose’s VIP guests all gathered under one roof to celebrate the official launch of Pure and Cencia which included a mini fashion show and an in-depth speech by Jason Cowland. Scroll down below to see photos from the event courtesy of Dave Choo:

Coming Soon: Mrs. Universe 2020 Down Under

What: This prestigious international pageant believes that physical beauty is just a part of of the whole allure of a person. Its award is for the most honorable married woman. According to its rules she must age 25 to 45, has a family, has her own career and involved with a significant cause in favour of other people.

That is why every year this international event takes 7 to 10 days. During that period the married women from different countries are involved in different initiatives.

The idea that unites them is the motto “Against violence” which in different years covers different causes.

2009 was devoted to children and young women who are abandoned or suffer home violence. Representatives of different countries shared their experience in that field and many of them started a good cooperation lasting through the hole next year in different projects.

2010 was devoted to ” Women of the world against violence and human trafficking”.

The idea of all this international event and the activities going through the hole year is that mature women, who have already achieved a lot in their life, who have built their own families, have become mothers themselves, who are indepedent, due to their own efforts, are the women who can use their beauty for the sake of a big cause.

In this aspect it is obvious that beauty is just a small part of the hole allure of a women deserving to be honored. So we leave it for the final night. For that reason we also invite the members of the jury to be with the delegates though their hole stay and follow their steps to get a view of their personality too.

Another idea of the event is to show the host country and the people living there that they deeply believe that getting in touch with new places, culture and people will make the most honorable women real ambassadors of the country they have been to for these 10 days. The way they organize the event aims to be interesting for the participants and aims to help them make friends instead of concurrency.

Where: TBC

When: TBC