Mrs Universe Official 2023: And The Winners Are. . .

After a captivating public and media presentation held at Queens at Bollywood Halal Indian Bar and Restaurant in Greenbelt 3 Makati, the grand coronation night for Mrs. Universe Official 2023 took place at Newport Performing Arts Theater in Pasay City on October 13.

The prestigious Newport World Resorts served as the backdrop for the pageant held at the majestic Newport Performing Arts Theater. The venue is renowned for hosting a myriad of events, plays, musicals, and exclusive productions. This theater boasts the largest LED screen in Asia, offering dynamic video backdrops for various shows. The stage, known as the widest in the Philippines, is equipped with advanced technology, including Euro-LED screens with 3D effects, a sophisticated fly system, a revolving stage, and state-of-the-art lighting and audio facilities.

The event, powered by Megastar Production Co. and co-produced by MS Entertainment and QFirst Property Investment Group, was managed by Megastar Production and directed by Direk Concon Siñel, along with Jerome Malate and a dedicated staff.  

The pageant featured an array of candidates from different countries, each representing their nation. A distinguished group of candidates from various countries graced the prestigious Mrs. Universe Official 2023 pageant:

Nikka Marcial from Australia, radiating grace and charm.
Umme Fakrul Nahar Shawoon from Bangladesh, representing her country with elegance.
Jeanny Buan from Canada, showcasing her remarkable poise.
Kashmira Doctor from India, embodying grace and confidence.
Urwashi Patil from India, adding an extra touch of elegance to the competition.
Erico Hagimura from Japan, presenting her grace and charisma on stage.
Maricel Tagawa from Japan, adding a touch of sophistication to the event.
Edzel Lopez from Madrid, representing her country with pride and elegance.
Catherine Fox from New Zealand, bringing her unique aura to the stage.
Eimee CRAGUN from the Philippines, showcasing her exceptional talent.
Marissa Joelle from Phil Japan, captivating the audience with her charm.
Sarah Samson from Phil UAE, showcasing elegance and grace.
Cyprian Fruean Posesione from Samoa, presenting herself with grace and poise.
Makiko Ichikawa from Tokyo, bringing her unique style and elegance.
Janet Pichon Cersley from the USA, exuding charisma and confidence.

In the culminating moments of the Mrs. Universe Official 2023 pageant, a series of titles were bestowed upon exceptional candidates. Among the winners were:

Mrs. Philippines, awarded the title of Mrs. Charity Queen, in recognition of her charitable efforts.

Mrs. Phil UAE, crowned as Mrs. Photogenic for her captivating camera presence.

Mrs. Phil Japan, chosen as the Press Favorite, recognized by the media and audience.

Mrs. Spain, celebrated as the Best in National Costume, showcasing her cultural attire.

Mrs. Samoa, acknowledged as Mrs. Congeniality for her amiable and kind spirit.

Mrs. USA, hailed as the Social Media Queen for her influence in the online sphere.

Mrs. Philippines, awarded the title of Best in Forum, showcasing excellence in her forum discussions.

Mrs. Tokyo, recognized as Best in Evening Gown for her stunning appearance.

The climactic moment of the event unveiled the highly anticipated winners of the Mrs. Universe Official 2023 pageant:

Second Runner-up of Ms. Universe Official: Spain’s Edzel Lopez showcased her grace and charm.
Elite Mrs. Universe Official Second Runner-up: Marissa Joelle from Phil Japan captivated the audience.
Mrs. Universe Official Second Runner-up: Japan’s Erico Hagimura claimed her spot among the top finalists.
First Runner-up of Ms. Universe Official: Phil UAE’s Sarah Samson made a remarkable impression.
Elite Mrs. Universe Official First Runner-up: Samoa’s Cyprian Fruean Posesione demonstrated her excellence.
Mrs. Universe Official First Runner-up: USA’s Janet Pichon Cersley made her mark in the prestigious rankings.
Ms. Universe Official 2023: Canada’s Jeanny Buan achieved the crown with distinction.
Elite Mrs. Universe Official 2023: Philippines’ Eimee Cragun received the elite title in this prestigious competition.
Mrs. Universe Official 2023: Australia’s Nikka Marcial was celebrated as the crowned winner of the pageant.