Exclusively Behind the Scenes: Mrs Universe Official 2023’s Path to the Crown

The grandeur of the Mrs. Universe Official 2023 event unfurled on October 13, set against the exquisite backdrop of the Newport World Resort in the Philippines. This remarkable journey commenced in the idyllic setting of 888 Resort & Spa in Cavite where they performed their Human Rights presentation.

Next up was Tayabas Quezon, a city pulsating with a vibrant tapestry of local customs and flavours. Opening ceremonies at the West Avenue Suites Hotel marked the start of this extraordinary affair, characterized by a blend of elegance and goodwill, befitting the candidates of Mrs. Universe Official 2023.

The candidates were immersed in an authentic culinary adventure as they navigated the bustling streets of Tayabas, reveling in its diverse street food scene. Their exploration was a celebration of the community’s rich cultural heritage and a tribute to the vivid flavors that unite different cultures. With grace and poise, the candidates delved into the vivid tapestry of local delights, harmonizing an array of distinctive tastes that symbolize the fusion of cultures, weaving a narrative of unity through the celebration of culinary diversity.

Honorable Mayor Lovely Reynoso Pontioso and the esteemed members of the local government unit in Tayabas were honoured during this remarkable event, appreciating their commitment to the success of this vibrant affair.

Among the memorable highlights of this journey were visits to local establishments such as Rodillas Yema Cake in Tayabas Quezon, Pareng Avel’s Kitchen at Lost Paradise, Kamayan Sa Palaisdaan, and Alfresco Jardin Restaurant. These visits were a nod to the region’s finest and most esteemed local products, a testament to their commitment to supporting the local community.

The essence of Mrs. Universe Official 2023 surpassed conventional pageantry, encapsulating a deeper sense of purpose and service to the community. The event was a vivid representation of their dedication to community initiatives, including the launch of the Adopt-A-River rehabilitation project in partnership with Kiwanis Highlanders. This strategic initiative was a pivotal part of the broader vision of Kiwanis Asia-Pacific’s Green Generation sustainability initiative.

In a heartwarming display of unity and environmental consciousness, the candidates actively engaged in a tree-planting event along the scenic riverbanks in Alfonso, Cavite. The hands-on participation symbolized their shared commitment to nurturing a sustainable environment for the generations to come.

Notably, the candidates participated in a thought-provoking Human Rights Forum, each presenting a video presentation discussing critical human rights topics. Their insightful discussions reflected the event’s commitment to creating a positive impact on a local and global scale.

The participants of Mrs Universe Official 2023 visited Lipa Jail for a charitable initiative. As part of their support, they purchased ten paintings, enabling the release of four inmates through the proceeds.

The grand finale of this unforgettable journey brought the 16 official candidates to Manila, marking the pinnacle of the event’s celebrations. They graced the press presentation at Queens at Bollywood Bollywood PH restaurant in Greenbelt 3, Makati City, with a public and media presentation at Queens at Bollywood Halal Indian Bar and Restaurant, nestled in the heart of Greenbelt 3 Makati.