Breaking Barriers: Australian Delegates Make Waves at International Human Rights Summit

Two Australian delegates, Maryrose Salubre, the CEO of MS Entertainment, and actress Freya Tingley had the privilege of attending the 17th Youth Human Rights Summit. This prestigious event brought together 46 delegates from 46 countries, including excellences, doctors, academics, chaplains, police ministers, school ministers, leaders, pastors, and royalties.

The Youth for Human Rights International (YHRI), founded by Mary Shuttleworth, is the sister organization of United for Human Rights. Established as a not-for-profit organization in 2001, YHRI’s mission is to educate young people worldwide about human rights, with a particular focus on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. By empowering young individuals to become advocates for tolerance and peace, YHRI has grown into a global movement that spans individuals, groups, and national and community leaders dedicated to spreading awareness about human rights and implementing measures to protect them.

One of the critical initiatives of Youth for Human Rights International is to provide educational materials on human rights for classrooms and other educational settings. Their materials are designed to engage young people from diverse backgrounds and have resonated with individuals across generations. Through conferences, workshops, and creative mediums like hip-hop and dancing, the message of human rights reaches far and wide.

Freya Tingley, accompanied by Maryrose Salubre, represented the youth at the summit. The human rights administrators specifically invited Maryrose Salubre to learn and bring the vision back to Australia, as she has shown great passion and commitment to spreading awareness about the 30 entitlements of human rights. Having personally experienced the flaws within our system and the challenges faced when defending oneself, Maryrose Salubre believes that everyone should be aware of their basic human rights. Her ultimate goal is to implement these rights in every school, community, and corner of the world, emphasizing the importance of unity and becoming the younger generation’s voice to create a better, fear-free world.

The 17th Youth Human Rights Summit provided an invaluable platform for delegates worldwide to share their experiences, ideas, and initiatives aimed at promoting and protecting human rights. The diverse range of attendees, including dignitaries and experts from various fields, contributed to the richness and depth of the discussions.

Individuals like Maryrose Salubre and Freya Tingley demonstrate their commitment to making a difference and advocating for human rights by attending such summits. Their participation not only strengthens their own knowledge and understanding but also enables them to bring back valuable insights to their respective communities and inspire others to take action.

The importance of human rights education cannot be overstated, and organizations like YHRI play a crucial role in spreading awareness and empowering young individuals to become agents of change. Through their efforts, the vision of a world where every person’s rights are respected, protected, and fulfilled becomes more attainable.

As we continue to work towards a better future, let us unite in the pursuit of human rights, ensuring that every individual, regardless of their background, enjoys the fundamental rights and freedoms they are entitled to. Together, we can create a world free from fear, where the voices of the younger generation are heard, and their rights are upheld.