Meet Miss Teen Australasia 2016 Tamara Reynolds

She may be young but Tamara Reynolds has all the hallmarks of a beauty queen. This star in the making made quite the impact on judges and audiences alike during her first foray into the world of pageantry. She has the trifecta down pat – poise, beauty and confidence.

This young and talented individual has a heritage that is both British and Indonesian. Although she’s quite the accomplished marvel, she does enjoy hobbies that would relate to girls her age, such as hanging with friends, the beach, dancing and shopping. One of her favourite things to do is to hit up local markets for cool finds.

However, Tamara is set apart from her peers, displaying a mindfulness that would belong to someone perhaps twice her age. She’s a yoga devotee and practices health living. She’s completely committed to her goal as a pageant queen – to become a role model of substance and virtue.

Miss Reynolds disclosed that it was Dean Marzolla of Aussie Elite that first introduced her to the Miss Teen Australasia Pageant. Mr Marzolla must have been guided by keen instincts in his apt appraisal of Tamara’s star quality. She certainly is a natural when it comes to being on the runway.

“What I like most about beauty pageants is how you can have fun. You only need to be confident and show your personality to the judges and the audience while you are on stage. I have been a dancer and natural performer since the age of 3, and I have always loved the stage. I feel comfortable performing in front of large audiences so I really enjoy doing pageants”, she excitedly tells us.

However, the pageant industry is not for those who have a weak determination. Tamara did have to overcome some of the more stressful elements of preparation. “Whether the food you need to eat, the physical training and, of course, the things you need to do to be ready mentally, it can all be exhausting. Fortunately, I like to be healthy in all of these aspects, I eat superfood, and whenever I can, I exercise and meditate,” she disclosed.

For Tamara, all the hard work did pay off. One of the most rewarding aspects of participating in the Miss Teen Australiasia Pageant were the fond memories and friendships made. When asked what was the most special of them all, she answered, “The most memorable experience of my life as a pageant winner is being introduced to many amazing successful people during networking nights and social events.”

Clearly Tamara’s experience is one that will remain with her for a long time. She learnt a lot of valuable lessons and built her confidence to a whole new level. “I have learned that in life you just have to believe in yourself no matter what, and your confidence will grow over time. You need to be assertive and self-motivated especially in the modeling industry because sometimes you may not be a specific look that a person is going for but you may be perfect for another person,” she sincerely tells us.

Tamara is grateful to her friends and family who had been extremely supportive of her. She says “It feels empowering, fantastic and reassuring to have such a large and strong supportive network behind you!”

This beautiful and brilliant beauty queen looks beyond the crown she is wearing. She disclosed that her future plans are to focus on not only finishing school but also in fulfilling her role as a school captain. She does see herself pursuing a modeling career, but she also wants to keep growing in the other aspects of her life. “Individual growth is so important to me and having a healthy mind, spirit and body. I find the opportunity to spread positivity with others amazing, and I hope that I could be a good role model and influence others to be the best of who they are,” she explained.